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Custom Leather Goods

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Who are we ?

Zack’s Leather Goods is a company specializing in hand-made real leather products. The age of hand-made products is a part of the past but we strive to bring back these high quality materials and lasting products. Our items are unique, they’re something you won’t find in a store. 2023 is bringing back local businesses and now is the time to support more than ever! We make amazing gifts, knife/gun sheaths, accessories and even a collar collection for your amazing dog! Who wouldn’t want a matching bracelet to their dog’s collar? Products are made by Brandon Zack, a military veteran with a love for leather working. Perfectionism and creative inspiration makes these products superior to cheap products made in factories. Order with us and have a product that will last!


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Send us any inquires and we would be happy to answer your questions! We will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Tel: 587-585-8303

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